Ritmo Fulcral

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Our Belief

Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It can move, lead and change our state of mind. It is such an incredible thing than through listening to it, it changes who we are. Therefore, Music artists, have the power to, through their Music, change people’s lives. Our purpose is led by a strong and genuine passion for Music and we strongly believe in the future of the Music business, so we intend to create  a Community and an eclectic brand that can develop long term careers for Djs, Music producers and Musicians. 

Music Law Consultancy

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Music Courses & Documentaries

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Soundzrise Radio

Soundzrise Radio

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Our Mission

Founded in 2020, Ritmo Fulcral is a Portuguese company focused on the Music Business at a 360° eyesight. Our mission is to help Dj’s, Producers and Artists face the Music Industry and prepare them to what the working word requires. As well as get them involved and provide them with efficient tools to manage every state of their career.