Label Promotion Services

Ritmo Fulcral is specialized on Electronic Music Record Labels promotion, from House to Techno, under its multiple subgenres.

We can help labels to increase the promotional potential of their releases with our Promotion services. With over 30 years’ experience on our own record labels, we hold the knowledge of the management and promotion process, that leads to a successful release campaign

With our extensive list of electronic music scene's contacts, we help our customers reaching DJs, Music Magazines, and New Fans. We customize each campaign to suit the specific needs of each client.

Ritmo Fulcral

What We Do and How we do it.

Record Label Service

DJ Mail Out

We design and send a visually attractive campaign to our extensive and up to date contact list of world top DJs, Producers, Radio DJs and influential Music Magazines, with the guarantee that we reach who we feel it is the most relevant for the label..

Press Release

Professionally written by our creative writing team.

Canvas Video

We create short videos for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify designed by our content creator team.

Spotify PLaylist Submission

We pitch the song to Editorial playlists and also, we do submissions to relevant genre focused Independent playlists, in order to get placements in populated playlists, and to increase the Spotify revenue. Together with the Facebook Marketing this can alert Spotify’s algorithm, increasing the chances to get placements also on these playlists.

Press Contact

Reach influential media and music press including magazines, blogs, radios, premieres and music channels

Campaign Report

We deliver the complete report and analytics, from 6 to 8 weeks after the campaign is finished.

Canvas Video

We create short videos for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify designed by our content creator team

Facebook Marketing

We design and create advertisement campaigns on Facebook / Instagram to boost the label’s social media presence, to get the music heard, to drive traffic to the label channels, to grow the label/artist followers, to increase the download and the streaming.