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Ritmo Fulcral - Album Only


Album Only

A new label 'Album Only' We'll be releasing various album of mixed talented Producer and all unreleased material for DJ's and for the music quality fans

Ritmo Fulcral - R.F. Digital Factory


R.F. Digital Factory

RF Digital Factory record label is dedicated mainly to Portuguese DJ Producers and is focused on delivering quality electronic music, under its multiple sub genres.

Ritmo Fulcral - Jazz In Da House


Jazz In Da House

Jazz in Da House is a Jazz and soulful label, A&R musician Max Marinacci, dedicated to the people with a special taste, emotions and warmth in the music. This team is eager to group friends and people that think like us, are you one of them?

Ritmo Fulcral - TR Records


TR Records

TR Records aim is to showcase the diversity of soulful dance music from the deep, jazzy & funky to the uplifting fervor of R&B-soul to dance pop and the modern sounds of soulful/Afro tech. Have Fun!



Our purpose is led by a strong and genuine passion for Music and we strongly believe in the future of the Music business