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Megatronic, a music industry veteran for over 20 years, began her journey at 17 as a songwriter and guitarist, later forming the electro pop band Black Cherry. She toured globally, showcasing her diverse sound at prestigious festivals.

In 2013, she transitioned to DJing, immersing herself in the club scene.
By 2016, she moved to the Middle East, aiming to integrate into the male-dominated alternative club scene.

An advocate for gender equality in music lineups, Megatronic launched Female First Sessions in 2018, empowering women in the industry. It evolved into Femme Fest, a yearly festival. Through her experiences, she ensures the next generation of artists thrives.

Megatronic hosts Global Music Movement on Worldwide FM, reflecting the evolving Swana musical heritage. The region’s diverse music scenes express social and political agendas, gaining global attention. The growing voices demand recognition and respect on a global scale.

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